How to make a deposit at ARIA1 AI?

It is very simple to earn money with us. First step is you have to open an account on the website After you have registered please signing in and click make a deposit button. You can choose one of our plans.

What is the minimum deposit amount to be your partner?

Be our partner and earn with our AI technology you have to make a deposit. The minimum deposit amount is $/€20 or equivalent in cryptocurrencies.

What is the minimum amount for the withdrawals?

The minimum is $0.05

Can I make a direct deposit from my balance?

Yes you can, just go to make a deposit site, select an optional plan and choose the balance you'd like to use.

Are you paying Instantly or Manually?

ARIA1 AI technology is processing the withdrawals with an automated script which depends on your active deposit amount. So the withdrawals are paid in 48 hours automatically if you have no active deposit, 24 hours if you have at least $10 active deposit, 18 hours if you have at least $250 active deposit, 12 hours if you have at least $2,500 active deposits and instantly if you have $5,000 active deposit!

Which payment system do you accept?

Now we accept Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash.

How to become a partner?

If your age is over 18 years, you can register in our site. Click to sign up button and fill all the required fields in registration form. Registration is free and takes less than 2 minutes.

Is it free to register?

Yes, it is completely free. We have no hidden fees.

Can I create more than one account within your company?

Yes you can create as many accounts as you wish. You can use the same IP address it is not a problem.

I'm not able to register on the website. What should I do?

1. Check your internet connection, clear your browser cache
2. Check the correctness of the entered information
3. Try from another browser
4. If you're still struggling with signing up please contact us at [email protected]

How can I change my payment datas?

Please contact our team. We protect our clients' account from hacking attack, that is the reason you can not change your payment informations by yourself. [email protected]

I've made a request for new password but I didn't received email.

Contact our support team: [email protected]


We have this wonderful referral program, that means you can earn more money by inviting your friends, colleagues or family. With your referral links you can promote the program. You do not need an ACTIVE deposit to earn money from referral commissions. You need to register to our program before you recommend to other people.

How does Aria1 protects users account?

ARIA1 AI Solutions Limited is using a very strong dedicated server at OVH, which is protected by their infrastructure from DDoS attacks. We also use Cloudflare so this is double protection. Also our company has military grade secure SSL certificate.