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Welcome to Aria1 AI Solutions Limited (11754443), your online source for all aspects of wealth management.
We provide capital preservation and wealth creation opportunities by single or multiple investments.

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Even if you are only starting in your career or you have already settled and started a family, you are planning a retirement or you are restructuring your retirement investments, Aria1 AI Solutions is designed for all types of financial needs. You can choose the most suitable personal investment plan for your needs to make sure your financial goals get a green sign, so you maximize your likelihood to succeed.

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Aria1 Features

Passive Income Solutions

Passive Income

Aria1 AI Solutions LTD has built a one of a kind, comprehensive online platform to fill the passive income solutions void for investors and independent investment advisors. Our website was formed for the purpose of challenging the status quo within the diversified online investment markets by using patented AI technology to guarantee the distribution of passive income solutions to the customers. Our core belief is that for success, the investment industry needs to rely on constantly evolving AI technology for further & stable growth.

Advisor-Centric Opportunities

Advisor Opportunities

Aria1 AI Solutions' products are not only appealing to our end users. Any of our client can become our Financial Advisor by inviting their friends (or strangers) to our website. Our plans are giving compelling, hard to resist returns, and because we are using state of art, AI investment technologies, they are stable and successful. Any of our Advisors can earn 4% referral commission for the deposits they introduce to our system. Do not keep the success for only yourself, help others reach their goals! It's always better to earn together.

Satisfied Clients


We have 6481 satisfied investors so far!

Total Deposit


Our Clients have deposit $274,044.10!

Total Withdrawal


We have paid $109,853.37 in profits!

Days in Business


We are paying on time for already 38 days!

Timely Withdrawals

The withdrawals are paid in 48 hours automatically if you have no active deposit, 24 hours if you have at least $10 active deposit, 18 hours if you have at least $250 active deposit, 12 hours if you have at least $2,500 active deposits and instantly if you have $5,000 active deposit!

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